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Part of the Lichen Loops fine jewellery collection, this pendant is inspired by the beautiful forms of lichen and the rustic process of hand-modelling. 

The pendant design was first sculpted in wax and then cast in solid sterling silver. 

The resulting pieces contain subtle marks and fingerprints from the hands-on making techniques and celebrate the beauty of imperfection and unique quality of handmade objects. 

Each pendant is finished on a solid sterling silver extendable 18 - 20 inch chain with hallmarked maker's 'SS' tag. This pendant has been oxidised to give it a dark gunmetal black finish.

Dimensions of pendant: Approx 24mm x 18mm

Medium Oxidised Lichen Loop Necklace

  • Please be aware that the dark black finish on the surface of the metal may wear away on the edges when worn to reveal the polished silver beneath. In my opinion, this worn effect adds to the rustic character of the piece. 

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